Before you decide to book an apartment on the coast, think carefully …

For 3 minutes of reading – up to 30% discount 😉

“5 TIPS on how to get a lower price for summer vacation accommodation”

Summer is already knocking on the door, the sun and warm days are more and more, and we are already running out of thoughts of the sea, the beach, the sun’s rays and beer at sunset. Before you quickly decide where, when and how to choose an apartment or overnight stay and spend a holiday at the sea and pay for a reservation, let us suggest how to get through as cheaply as possible:


The period when you will book an apartment on the sea is the most important from the price point of view. I hope you are flexible about this. As in any industry, tourism also has a LOW, MIDDLE AND HIGH SEASON.

LOW SEASON is somewhere until 25.6. (before school ends) and after September 1 (when school starts) This is of course the CHEAPEST! If you only have the opportunity to book an apartment during this period, look as soon as possible under the APARTMENTS tab, choose which one you like best and call. Temperatures are ideal, there is not much crowd and the apartment can be obtained for more than 50% less than the prices of the highest season😊.

THE HIGH SEASON, which lasts from somewhere between July 20 to August 20, also means a high price, lots of people, full-length events, lots of outdoor events and of course hot temperatures. In this case, we advise you to book an apartment at the beginning of the year if you do not want to be left without these dates.

The MIDDLE season is all in between, but still cheaper than HIGH, up to 30%…



Of course, the price is also influenced by the level of your accommodation requirements. What is important to you?

  •     big, comfortable, small, “just to sleep”
  •     that it has a balcony or atrium where you can have your morning coffee
  •     modern with all necessary accessories
  •     with parking, public, private, paid or without
  •     and especially WHERE it is located, or how far it is from the sea 😉

If your desires don’t match the offer, you’re paying for something you don’t necessarily need. Therefore, it is essential to talk to the agency or apartment owners to align your wishes with their capacities.


IT IS CHEAPEST if you have very good friends or relatives at sea where you can ask them for a bed 😊.

THE MOST EXPENSIVE, however, through various agencies, brokers and tourist portals, which charge an additional booking fee.

Of the two extremes, I advise you to choose direct contact with the apartment owners. This way you will learn first hand everything you want to know about your ideal accommodation. In addition, you can get a little “cheap”, which in most cases succeeds.

They say: “whoever spares his tongue, starves for bread” or in our case, the sun and the sea ».


That doesn’t mean you have to leave a friend at home because you’ve booked a cheaper apartment that’s only suitable for two people. In this case, you can ask the owner for an extra bed. Or better yet: invite your “mother-in-law”, rent a bigger apartment and share the costs😉. We are not responsible for how you will spend your vacation😉. It must be a little funny, you know what we mean?

What about four-legged friends or pets? Rarely does anyone allow them to have them in the apartment, but if they do, they will probably be charged in the price. Therefore, we advise you to leave them at home if at all possible. However, let me suggest that we have a dog beach in Izolaoli.

The fact is that the size and number of beds does not rise in proportion to the price, which means that you can rent an apartment for 6-8 people and share the cost with another family.


If you rent an apartment for several days, there is generally a bigger discount because the owner has less work to do with changing, cleaning and preparing. The ideal environment is 7 days or. 1 week, weekend to weekend. Of course, it would be even better to come for a whole month, if only you can afford it and not get tired (in this case, ask for a concrete discount, because the maids will rest then 🙂

But if you can, stick to the “don’t break the week” rule. This means that you do not come to the sea, for example on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and you also leave these days. From the point of view of road congestion, this is an advantage, but it is not necessarily so. Sometimes, however, the weeks are also divided. Then there is a greater possibility of the LAST MINUTE offer, where you save even more.

If you are just a little more flexible with the answers to all the listed questions, everything can be arranged with the owners.

Now that you have reduced the price of the apartment by at least 30%, get into the campaign as soon as possible while the apartments are still vacant.

However, if you are still wondering what, where, how or why about anything, we will be happy to help!

Be sure to share these 5 secrets, even among your friends, they will be grateful to you 🙂